Max Roßmann, Ph.D. Philosophy
M.A. Philosophy of Science & Technology
B.Sc. Chemical Technology


SS 2023, Maastricht UniversityTutor: Survey Research (B.A. European Studies), guest lecture for „surveillance society“, thesis supervision
SS 2023, Erasmus UniversityGuest Lectures: „Public participation & legitimation“ & „Scenario Methods“ (Master tack: Strategic Urban Planning & Policies)
SS 2022, Maastricht UniversityCoordinator & lecturer: Surveillance Society (B.A. Digital Society), tutor: Survey Research (B.A. European Studies), thesis supervision
WS 2021 / 22, Kahlsruhe Institute of TechnologySeminar: Imagination – between scientific scenarios and science fiction (B.A. Science Media Communication)
SS 2021, Kahlsruhe Institute of TechnologySeminar: Narratives in Technology Development (B.A. Science Media Communication)
SS 2021 & SS 2020, Kahlsruhe Institute of Technology“Assessing 3D printing visions – science, society, responsibility” (module in the Ph.D. Program for scientists and engineers)