Max Roßmann, Ph.D. Philosophy
M.A. Philosophy of Science & Technology
B.Sc. Chemical Technology


My interest & exposure to coding and quant stuff certainly comes on the one hand from chemical engineering. When I first read Niklas Luhmann, I was at the same time simulating the dynamic behavior of a CSTR in my student research project and I had the vision to be able to analyze and simulate complex social systems in the same way. Following up fotenotes to cybernetics, such as Heinz von Förster, further emphasized this vision of keeping links between philosophy, coding, and engineering. However, the deeper engagement with Python came only for pragmatic reasons during my doctoral thesis, when I analyzed my survey on visions of microalage nutrition. Instead of using SPSS or R, I decided to use Python because of the variety of cool things my brother and some firends were able to do with it. My aim was to use python not only for data analysis but also for automation of small tasks and for interactive visualizations. And so, between Python textbooks, StackOverflow, Youtube tutorials and many coffee mugs, I created a few small tools and drafted a vision for using digital methods in Technology Assessment.

I am currently updating my GitHub Repository with Notebooks for Survey Analysis, Twitter Analysis, Bibliometrics, and so on…